Best Camping Saws Review & Rating 2021

There are many tools and gadgets that you can take camping with you to make life easier. You will use each for different tasks as they each have a different purpose. One item that you might take with you camping is a saw. This is especially the case if you are survival camping in the wilderness rather than camping on an official campsite with lots of facilities. You can use saws for many tasks, from cutting wood for a campfire to trimming branches to create a shelter.

If you decide you need a saw for your activities, you are probably unsure of which is the best to choose. This guide will help you to identify the different types of saws and things to consider when buying your backpacking saw. There are also reviews of the best camping saws on the market now.

Best Camping Saws - Comparison Table

Best Folding Saws

Product NameBlade MaterialBlade LengthPrice
Bacho 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw 7 ½ Inch BladeStainless steel7.5 inchCheck Price
Silky Professional Series Gomboy 240 Folding Landscaping Saw- Medium TeethSK4 high carbon steel5.1 inchCheck Price
EverSaw Folding Hand Saw All-PurposeDurable carbon steel blade17 inchCheck Price
Sportsman Folding Hand SawStainless steel10 inchCheck Price
Tabor Tools TTS25A Folding Saw with Curved BladeStainless steel4 inchCheck Price

Best Bow Saws

Product NameBlade MaterialBlade LengthPrice
Bahco 10-21-51 21-Inch Ergo Bow SawStainless Steel21 inchCheck Price
Gerber Freescape Camp SawStainless steel12 inchCheck Price

Best Pocket Chainsaws

Product NameBlade MaterialBlade LengthPrice
Chainmate CM-24SSP 24-Inch Survival Pocket Chain Saw with PouchCarbon steel teeth24, 36, 48 inchCheck Price
Sportsman Pocket ChainsawHeat treated steel32 inchCheck Price
LivWIld Camping Pocket ChainsawIndustrial-grade heat treated Carbon Steel26 inchCheck Price

Reviews of the Best Camping Saws

There are plenty of different camping saws to choose between. Here, we have covered some of the best of each type of saw and highlighted the features, pros, and cons of each.

Reviews of the Best Folding Saws

Folding saws are one of the most popular options and there are plenty of products on the market from which you can choose. Here are reviews of the best folding camping saws available now.


This general-purpose folding saw can be used to cut dry wood, green wood, plastic, and bone. Therefore, it is a very versatile item to take along with you when backpacking or camping. The 7.5-inch blade has seven teeth per inch and is specifically designed for hunters, campers, and wildlife enthusiasts.

Good Grip

The handle of this saw has two plastic components that are bound with a leather strap that gives the handle a good grip.

Coated Blade

The blade is coated so that it is protected from rust and has low friction.

Safety Features

The main safety feature of this folding saw is the safety lock that allows you to lock-in and lock-out.

What we liked

  • Safety lock
  • Good grip
  • Rust protection
  • Low friction
  • Good serration

What we didn't like

  • Some problems with locking
  • Blade sometimes bends

Final Verdict

This is a versatile saw that you can use in many ways and the rust protection means it is a durable item. The good grip and low friction make it an easy saw to use for cutting firewood.


This is a lightweight saw that is ideal for hikers, backpackers, and campers who want to keep the weight they carry to a minimum. The professional blade has plenty of serration for easy sawing and it folds away neatly into the handle. The saw comes with a carry case for safe and convenient storage.

Professional Blade

The saw blade is a professional standard blade and has ten teeth per inch.

Carry Case

This saw comes with its own plastic hinged carry case. This means you can store it neatly in your backpack without worrying about blades damaging the contents of your backpack.


The operating weight of this saw is 0.6 pounds. In its carry case, it weighs 0.8 pounds.

What we liked

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to use
  • Carry case
  • Good serration

What we didn't like

  • Blade catches when folded into the handle
  • Blades bend easily

Final Verdict

This is a good option if you are looking for a lightweight saw to take along with you for your outdoor activities. It is easy to use, and the carry case means you can store this sharp tool away safely.


This is one of the best camping saws on the market. Not only is it suitable for camping, but it is also great for landscaping, hunting, fishing, hiking, backpacking, and as a general tool. The manufacturers of this saw are so confident in their product that they offer customers a lifetime guarantee when they buy this folding saw.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design of this folding saw includes a comfort grip handle that is slip-resistant and a blade that is Japanese-style pull cut.

Triple Cut Teeth

This adjustable medium blade had triple-cut razor teeth. These are hardened so that they will stay sharp for fast cutting.


There is a blade lock for safety that has a lock-in and lock-out function. This means that the blade will only come out when in use and then locks in place for safe sawing.

What we liked

  • Sharp blade
  • Safety lock
  • Comfort grip handle

What we didn't like

  • Shallow teeth
  • Flimsy

Final Verdict

People have used this folding saw for many activities and find it easy to use. The sharpness of the blade and the handle design make this saw a good option.


This 10-inch folding saw has been recommended by many experts as it cuts faster and cleaner than many of its competitors. The longer, curved blade and the carbon teeth slice through a wood on both the push and pull cut, unlike many others that only work on the pull cut. It is a durable item that is suitable for many outdoor activities.

Good Blade

The blade is longer than many of its competitors and is also curved. This gives longer and smote=her sawing strokes.

Ergonomic Handle

The handle design of this folding saw is ergonomic, with a raised rubber grip for increased comfort during use.


It is a durable and strong saw with a metal shank that goes three-quarters down the handle, so it is not flimsy.

What we liked

  • Low price
  • 10-inch blade
  • Push and pull cut
  • Carbon teeth
  • Durable and strong

What we didn't like

  • Weak locking mechanism
  • Some cheap materials

Final Verdict

This is one of the cheapest folding camping saws, so it is ideal for those with a low budget. It cuts much faster than many of its competitors as the long, curved blade allows you to saw smoothly.


A lightweight folding saw this item is versatile as you can use it for many different activities, from outdoors hobbies to professional activities. It has a curved blade that cuts quickly and efficiently, and a bright red handle that makes it easy to find.


This saw weighs just 9.4-ounces. Therefore, it is ideal for hikers, backpackers, and campers who want to carry as little weight as possible.

Curved Blade

The curved blade of the saw fit neatly round branches or thin trunks, and this means the blade can cut through the wood quickly and neatly.

Locking System

There is a secure locking system on this saw that prevents the saw from springing open when not in use or from folding while you are using the saw.

What we liked

  • Lightweight
  • Nice blade
  • Secure lock
  • Good grip
  • Budget option

What we didn't like

  • Blade dulls quickly
  • Difficult to open

Final Verdict

This is another folding saw that is a good option for those with a limited budget. It is a functional item that can get the job done quickly and the low weight means it is a good choice for people who enjoy outdoor pursuits.

Reviews of the Best Bow Saws

Bow saws are a versatile item for outdoors activities. If you are thinking about buying this variety of backpacking saw, then the following are two of the top products available now.

1. Bahco 10-21-51 21-Inch Ergo Bow Saw


There are options for both dry wood and green wood of this bow saw. It is designed for heavy use in demanding situations, so it has a high tension that aids straight cutting. It is a lightweight item that is made of quality materials that make it a durable tool to pack for your camping trips.

Quality Materials

It is made from high-quality steel tubing that is both durable and lightweight. It is these features that make it a good option for camping.

Tensioning Mechanism

This saw has a tensioning mechanism that creates high tension. This helps the saw to cut straight and smoothly.

What we liked

  • Affordable
  • High-tension blade
  • Lightweight
  • Good quality

What we didn't like

  • Large at 21-inches
  • Weak blade tightener

Final Verdict

One of the top-rated and best camping bow saws on the market, this saw has features that make it ideal for camping and other outdoor pursuits. Not only is it lightweight, but it is also a durable item that cuts well.


Although this is a bow saw rather than a foldable saw. It does fold down flat without the need to remove any of the parts. With a 12-inch blade, it is compact compared to many other bow saws while still having a blade long enough to cut through branches and saplings easily.


This bow saw can fold down flat and is relatively small with a 12-inch blade.

Rubber Grip

The handle of this bow saw is made from rubber and this gives the user a good grip while sawing.


The saw is designed to accept any standard 12-inch blade, regardless of the brand. Therefore, you can switch the blade from dry wood to green wood to suit your needs.

What we liked

  • Rubber grip
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Cuts fast

What we didn't like

  • Weak blade hook
  • Flimsy blade

Final Verdict

The advantage of choosing this bow saw over similar products is that it is compact and lightweight. These are the ideal qualities that hikers, backpackers, and campers look for when choosing a saw for their trips.

Reviews of the Best Pocket Chainsaws

If you want a saw that is lightweight and compact, then a pocket chainsaw is probably the best choice. The following are three of the best pocket chainsaws on the market.

8. Chainmate CM-24SSP 24-Inch Survival Pocket Chain Saw with Pouch


Primarily intended for use to gather firewood, this pocket chainsaw is available in lengths including 24-inch, 3-inch, and 48-inch. It is a lightweight and portable item that comes with accessories for storage and safe use. This durable item is a fantastic item to take along on your camping trip.

Cuts Fast

This is a fast way to cut firewood on your camping trip as it has carbon steel teeth.

Lightweight and Portable

At just four ounces, this is an exceptionally lightweight option. It comes with a pouch to store the chain in safely during transportation and the pouch has a belt clip.

What we liked

  • Carbon steel teeth
  • Pouch and clip belt
  • Lightweight

What we didn't like

  • Blades on the chain are far apart
  • Cuts only on one side

Final Verdict

This is one of the most popular pocket chainsaws on the market and most customers are more than satisfied with this product. It cuts through wood quickly and easily and then you can pop it into its pouch for safe storage.


The Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw is one of the best-rated products of its kind and it is the quality of the product that has earned it this accolade. It is a long and durable chainsaw that cuts quickly and efficiently.

Good Length

While many competitors pocket chainsaws have a 24-inch chain, the chain on this product is thicker and longer at 36-inches.

Amazing Blades

The blades on the chain are bi-directional and this means that you will cut through wood faster. They are also self-cleaning, so sawing is not hampered by the chain getting clogged up with sap.

Quality Materials

The blades are made from 65mm high carbon treated steel that is durable and easy to re-sharpen.

What we liked

  • Good blades
  • Long length
  • Storage pouch
  • Belt loop

What we didn't like

  • Low tooth count
  • Teeth only on one side

Final Verdict

This is a durable pocket chainsaw by a reputable brand that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with the purchase. The longer length means it is easier to use on larger trees, so it is a versatile saw that you can use both at home and on your camping trips.


The manufacturers of this product claim that their chainsaw has three times more teeth than its competitors. It is a tough and durable pocket chainsaw that you can use both at home and in outdoor situations. This bidirectional, 26-inch chainsaw is made from quality materials and is self-cleaning.

Quality Materials

The chain is made from industrial-grade heat treated steel and the handles are made from heavy-duty nylon.


It comes with a compact belt loop pouch to store your chainsaw when it is not in use.

Good chain

The chain is bi-directional, which makes it quicker and easier to saw. It is self-cleaning, so it does not get clogged up preventing you from sawing efficiently.

What we liked

  • Good quality
  • Self-cleaning
  • Belt loop pouch
  • Bi-directional

What we didn't like

  • Not very long
  • Sometimes sticks

Final Verdict

In terms of the ease of sawing, this is one of the best pocket chainsaws available. The number of teeth and the fact that it is bidirectional means you can quickly and easily saw through both dry and green wood.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Camping Saws

Not all camping and backpacking saws are the same. So, you should identify the type of saw you need and consider various other factors before making your choice. Here we have covered the different things you should think about before buying your camping saw.

Types of Saw

There are three main types of saw that people buy for camping, hiking, backpacking, and other outdoor activities. These are:

  • Bow saw - Also called a buck saw, these use replaceable blades. One type of blade is for cutting dry wood and the other is used to cut green wood. It is bulkier than folding saws and pocket chainsaws. But you can disassemble it for transportation.
  • Folding saw- As these saws fold, they are a compact and portable option. Although they are only large enough to cut down saplings, they are great for trimming tree limbs. Some bands have replaceable blades, but others need sharpening or replacing when the blade becomes too worn.
  • Pocket chainsaw- These are compact and lightweight, so they are the most portable option. The downside is that they don’t last long and you can’t replace the chain like you could a blade on other types of camping saws.


The activities for which you intend to use the saw will dictate which type of saw you choose. Consider the following:

  • Bow saws are best for cutting up firewood repeatedly.
  • A folding saw is the best option for lopping off branches.
  • Pocket chainsaws are a versatile item that you can use for lots of activities. However, you will need to take a file and oil along for maintenance.

Weight and Portability

Most people who camp, hike, or backpack want to keep the weight they carry to a minimum. If you are planning on taking a saw along, then consider the following:

  • Pocket chainsaws are usually the best lightweight option, followed by the folding saw and then bow saws.
  • Check the weight of a product before making your purchase.
  • Don’t forget to include the weight of replacement blades and any maintenance items, such as files or oil, when calculating the weight you will carry.

Price and Quality

The price and the quality of the item are two major considerations for many people when making any purchase. Consider the following:

  • Price is affected by the brand, the materials, any other features, the size, and the quality.
  • Although the quality is sometimes reflected in the price, it is possible to get a good quality saw for a budget price.
  • Shopping online will usually save you money.
  • The quality of a saw depends on the materials used and the workmanship or manufacturing process.

Blade and Design

The blade is one of the most important features of a saw. Consider the following points:

  • The number of teeth per inch impacts on how well a saw will cut. The more teeth there are, the better.
  • The depth of the teeth on a saw is also important as the deeper the teeth, the more traction a saw will have.
  • Blades are usually made from steel or treated steel as this is a durable material.
  • On a pocket chainsaw, there are sometimes teeth on only one side of the chain. This means that you need to line up the chain with the teeth towards the tree.
  • A chain with teeth on both sides is better as it does not matter whether you line up the chain or not.

Handle and Hand Guard

Having a sturdy handle on a bow saw or a folding saw is important. Look out for the following features:

  • Shaped handles will give you a good grip of the saw while you are using it.
  • Rubber is a non-slip material that will stop your hands from sliding. Many saw handles have a rubber coating.
  • Tough strap handles on pocket chainsaws.
  • Some camping saws have a hand guard. This is a handy feature because it protects your hands and fingers from a blade related injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

Safety Tips When Using a Saw

Due to the sharp edges of a saw, there are some risks to using this piece of equipment. Here are some safety tips you can use to minimize the risk of using this tool.

  • Make sure all the parts are assembled correctly and securely.
  • Always follow any instructions that come with the saw.
  • Use the saws only for their intended purposes.
  • Consider wearing gloves when using the saw.

For What Will You Use a Bow Saw?

It is most likely that you will use a bow saw for cutting up wood for your campfire. You would do this using the dry saw blade. If you switch to the other blade, you can also cut green wood. This is useful if you are clearing a pathway through a forested area.

How to Set Up a Saw Properly?

A pocket chainsaw requires no setting up at all. You simply remove it from its pouch, loop it around the branch and begin pulling backward and forward. Most fold able camping saws will simply unfold, lock into place, and are ready for use.

Similarly, a bow saw is ready for use as soon as you buy it. The only setting up you need to do is changing the blades between the dry and green blades or replacing a blade when it becomes too dull to use. A bow saw will usually come with instructions on how to do this as it differs from one saw to the next. It is important that you follow the instructions carefully so that you can use the saw safely.

What Size of Blade is Used on the Saws?

The size of blade you use on your saw depends on the size of the saw. You should always use a compatible blade and saw.

What Type of Blade is Used for Camping Saws?

Each of the different types of camping saws using a different sort of blade, so it is important that you get ones that are compatible so that you can use the saws effectively and safely. A pocket chainsaw uses a chain rather than a blade and you cannot replace these.

Final Verdict

There are many different camping saws to choose between and each has its own pros and cons. Which you choose will depend on the purpose for which you will use the saw. If you are buying a bow saw, then one of the best camping saws is Silky Professional Series Gomboy 240 Folding Landscaping Saw- Medium Teeth. This saws through wood well and is a lightweight and compact option that is ideal for camping, hiking, and backpacking.

If you opt for a folding saw, then I would recommend the Bahco 10-21-51 21-Inch Ergo Bow Saw. This is an affordable yet good quality item that has high-tension and is a lightweight option for those who want to keep their load weight to a minimum.

For those who want a pocket chainsaw, I would suggest the Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw. This is longer and thicker than most of its competitors, so it is a durable and efficient chainsaw to use and you can store it neatly in the belt loop pouch provided.

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