Best Hiking Watch Under 100 Buying Guide Of 2021

The right hiking watch should come with a broad range of technological and physical features including a GPS, weather prediction, a strong carcass and a comfortable design.

However, not all watches offer these features, and some of the cheapest ones may not even fit half of what’s needed for a good hiking watch.

When looking for the best hiking watch under 100, you should always make sure you’re buying the best hiking watch with all the features you need. Or else, you may face some trouble and inconvenience when hiking. The following buying guide will help you pick between a wide range of outdoor adventure watches so you can find out how to choose the right one.

What is A Hiking Watch?

A hiking watch could be easily described as an outdoor watch with a compass. It is a product you put on your wrist that will tell you not only the time but the air pressure, distance, time changes depending on the zone, location, altitude, weather changes and much more.

But of course, it all depends on the product you choose. A cheap hiking watch, for example, may not come with GPS, but it will undoubtedly come with a compass.

A hiking watch is also a product that should offer both the ability to enjoy superior outdoor features like an altimeter and other similar advantages. And at the same time, it will resist the harsh conditions of a hiking trip.

Best Hiking Watch Under 100

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Best Hiking Watch Under 100 Review


The GD-100-1B from G-Shock and Casio is an unusual choice without a doubt. Not only because it is incredibly affordable, but because it has one of the most durable batteries, sturdiest construction, and overall reliable designs.

It is also one of the rare watches that offer an all-night visibility feature, so you can even rely on it in the darkest situations. Along with a top-notch waterproofing seal and shock resistance, this watch is an option not to overlook.

Night-time Visibility

Coming with a LED backlight and a large display makes it easier to read this watch at night. You won’t have to look close to a fire to see the time or any other measurement.

Just push the Super Illuminator button at its side and get the visibility you need at any moment.

5-Alarm Feature & Calendar

Need to set multiple alarms for whatever reason? There’s no need to do it many times within a day, just set your alarms beforehand and enjoy up to 5 daily or one-time only.

This makes it a lot more convenient and time-saving, especially when you add the pre-programmed calendar.

Highly Reliable Construction

A sturdy rubber carcass and metal bottom make it much more reliable, shock absorbent and even water resistant. You will be able to use it practically anywhere without any problem or negative surprise. It stands the harshest of environments and uses.

What we liked

  • Highly resistant and reliable waterproofed and shock-absorbent construction.
  • Extremely convenient all-night visibility with luminosity button.
  • Helpful 5-alarm feature and calendar for time-saving purposes.

What we didn't like

  • The wristband may feel too small for large people.

In all, one of the most reliable wrist-clocks out there with plastic and rubber carcass and a metal bottom, and will give a top-notch performance.

Its digital display and luminosity feature increase its usefulness, especially in stressful situations. Maybe it’s the perfect choice as a camping watch.


Looking for a watch that stands the wear and at the same time gives a magnificent performance? Then go for the T496212 Expedition Shock from Timex, the best compass watch you can have.

It can go up to 200m in water and provide a top-notch negative display at the same time. This makes it exceedingly visible and easier to read at all times. And of course, it comes with a compass and high-quality construction, increasing reliability and usability exponentially.

Extremely Resistant Build

Made with a resin case and a rubber strap with a reliable buckle, this watch can resist even the harshest of environments and stay on your wrist while at it. Actually, it is capable of resisting up to 200m below the surface, making it suitable for marine activity and water sports if needed.

Trustworthy Digital Compass

There’s nothing better than a hiking watch with a digital compass. It will quickly provide the necessary guidance you need even to avoid getting lost. Digital compasses are sometimes more reliable in a difficult environment than in standard ones.

Top-Notch Indigo Night-Light

Not everyone goes for a night light as it is a great feature to have. But when it is as quality-oriented as this one, it’s a fault not to consider it essential. This light is easily the most convenient out there, making it easier to see in dark circumstances.

What we liked

  • Extremely resistant and reliable construction with resin.
  • Excellent addition of digital compass for more usefulness.
  • Unmatched Indigo night light for visibility in dark places and situations.

What we didn't like

  • The quality of the rubber band is not the best as it lasts only between 1 or 2 years

In conclusion, Timex always produces trekking watches that resist the hardest of situations and can last a lifetime. This one, however, may powerfully provide a very resistant build and hold onto many cases without flinching, but won’t last a lifetime as other Timex watches.

The problem mainly falls on the bad, so you will very likely appreciate what it offers. A digital compass and 200m waterproofing are not features to overlook.

Classic Rescue Big Case Watch

In short, it is a watch for the hard-core hiker. It comes with a black band of the right size, a neutral face, an illuminator for dark situations and a set of other impressive features.

Incredibly Rugged Construction

Boasting a 50mm resin case and a mineral dial window, you can be assured entirely it will resist even the hardest of situations. You can keep it on your wrist in water, on the coldest scenarios, and even during risky trekking and more.

Additional Data

Not every watch comes with this, but the moon data and tide graphs do help a lot. Especially people who are going hiking near coastal areas with the ocean nearby, having this additional data is really convenient. 

World Time & Backlight

Alongside the ability to see the time in different time-zones from around the world, you also have a flash alert. The EL Backlight and the Afterglow Alert can let you know when an hourly signal is met, when an alarm goes off, or when a countdown ends.

What we liked

  • Incredibly reliable and resistant 50mm resin case with a mineral window.
  • Outstanding addition of backlight and Afterglow Flash Alert.
  • More marine oriented features with additional moon phase and tide data.

What we didn't like

  • A little uncomfortable due to bigger-than-expected design.

In conclusion, you can quickly put this one on the best waterproof watches list in the market. Not only it offers a magnificent set of features for marine-oriented activities, but it also provides a highly water-resistant design.

The fascinating thing about this one is that it comes with enough features and a highly reliable construction at the same time. Sadly, it may not feel too comfortable for some people due to its 50mm design.


A great choice for the best camping watch, the Timex Expedition Grid shock offers everything you could need in any hiking trip. Considering the WS4 design, a broad set of features, alarms and times, backlight and even more.

This watch is also resistant and long-lasting, with a magnificent waterproof feature and stainless steel construction. A watch you won’t be disappointed with.

Extremely Resistant Build

Coming with a resin case and a stainless steel top plate, you can be assured entirely it will resist harsh situations effortlessly. Its water-resistant feature allows it to go up to 100m below the surface without problems as well.

Alarms & Alerts

If you need a stopwatch, a countdown, an alarm, or only a hydration alert to keep yourself hydrated, then this is the watch you need. It’s a magnificent choice for forgetters or those who want to keep organization at the max.

Squared Designed for Visibility

Apart from being one of the strongest, this watch also offers excellent visibility. With a square display, you can watch the time and everything else without problems. It is more prominent and much more visible than most, even in dark places – thanks to the Indigo BackLight.

What we liked

  • Highly reliable construction with a top-notch resin case and steel top plate.
  • Excellent full display for more visibility.
  • More alarms and alerts for increased convenience and organization.

What we didn't like

  • A little uncomfortable due to its colossal display size.

In all, the Timex Expedition Grid Shock is not a watch that will help you see wherever you go or provide hundreds of measurements. However, this is a watch that will easily last a lifetime and help you get superb visibility while doing that.

Coming with a resin case and steel plate alongside a highly reliable 100m waterproof design, this watch is an excellent choice. But of course, it can be only as long as a big display is not a problem for you.


An impressively affordable watch with one of the most extensive ranges of track features, LAD WEATHER German sensor is almost perfect. You will get the advantage of having excellent tracking features alongside several alerts and alarms.

The watch even comes with a chronograph, a thermometer, and a digital compass. Everything you need for a fantastic experience while hiking and more.

Outstanding Tracking Modes

This watch has a thermometer, an altimeter, a barometer, a chronograph, a sea level pressure graph, a digital compass with magnetic declination and calibration, and more. It will be like using an individual version of these tools but in your watch, just remarkable.

Great Set of Alerts

You get a daily alarm, a timer, a calendar, a stopwatch, and more, all inside a single watch. Don’t ever forget doing something with this one. It even comes with a Dual-Time mode so you can set different alerts at the same time in variable time-zones.

Excellent Power Saving Mode

Even though this watch comes with more features than most for an impressive price, it also comes with the ability to save more battery life. You can use this watch without fearing sudden blackouts.

What we liked

  • An unmatched set of tracking features to keep you on the right track.
  • Well-made power saving mode that keeps the watch for more time.
  • Great alerts and alarms that increase convenience exponentially.

What we didn't like

  • The watch is not as durable or resistant as others.

Yes, this watch offers one of the most versatile designs and set of features out there. You will be able to measure and predict the weather, altitude and more, yet it won’t last a lifetime like you certainly need it to. And what’s worse, it doesn’t come with waterproofing or shock-resistance construction.

It is a product that will help you a lot, yet it won’t be perfect or long-lasting. You could say it is the best camping gear, as long as you won’t go hiking or trekking.

Epson E11E222042 ProSense 57 GPS Running Watch with Heart Rate

Epson is one of the giants in technology, and when it comes to hiking watches, it doesn’t fall behind. Known as one of the best mountaineering watches in the market, the Epson Prosense 57 is more of a watch for training and running.

However, due to its fantastic set of features, it performs amazingly while hiking. It tracks everything you need, from steps to calories and even your sleep. It comes with a RouteSense GPS tech, and many other high-quality features, that comprise a magnificent choice entirely.

Top-Grade Built-In GPS

You won’t get lost anymore with the GPS this watch offers. It not only gives you the right path to walk on, but it also tracks the distance, pace, route and much more. Alongside the additional tracking features, this watch will keep your hiking organized and pretty comfortable at all times.

High-Quality Battery

When it comes to watches that can last a lot of time in a single charge, the Prosense 57 from Epson is one of the best. The GPS battery tech allows the watch to keep working for up to 10 hours straight without problems.

Epson View App

Most people don’t find it necessary and maybe not even useful for hiking. But the Epson View App will keep all tracking data saved on the device and then uploaded to the cloud. This will help you know where you’ve been, how long, and much more, making your experience even more convenient.

What we liked

  • Excellent tracking features alongside a high-quality GPS.
  • The battery is long-lasting and reliable.
  • View App saves your data conveniently for post visualization.

What we didn't like

  • Not the most reliable as it doesn’t offer waterproofing or shock-resistance.

In conclusion, this is not the most reliable watch out there or the most resistant. It is not the most affordable either or the most convenient. But indeed, it is one of the most useful if you look for better tracking features and a GPS.

Below the 100 mark, only a few watches offer the many features this one does. It’s a GPS watch you shouldn’t overlook in any way. It will keep on track like any other.

Garmin Forerunner 15

If there’s a device that can track practically everything for a superior experience while hiking, it is the Garmin Forerunner 15. It is not precisely among the best trekking watches, but it offers an exceptional quality overall.

It works exactly like a GPS watch, alongside a heart rate monitor, distance, pace and calories tracker and more. You can also get up to 8 hours of battery life and one of the most comfortable designs.

Tracks Everything

Track your steps, your distance, pace, calories burned and even your heart rate. It is the perfect device for those who want superior results in tracking ability. This helps to reduce exhaustion and get a better idea of how good hiking is for your body. It also allows people move more with alerts after 1 hour and uploads the data to the cloud with Garmin Connect.

Interactive & Comfortable

The interactive alerts, social factors, and many other interesting advantages this watch offers to make it one of the best. Although what makes it stand out is the ability not only to be really useful and exciting to use but incredibly comfortable as well.

Resistant & Versatile

One of the best things about this excellent watch is the ability to resist shocks and water immersion. With 50 ATM waterproof feature and shock-resistant construction, you can rely on it won’t break down inadvertently. You can even use it attached to your shoe or ankle if you need to.

What we liked

  • A wide array of features and tech advantages for a more convenience.
  • Totally resistant, versatile and durable construction.
  • One of the most interactive functions and comfortable designs out there.

What we didn't like

  • The design is a little too big and bulky when compared to others.

Overall, this is a watch for anyone. It works for hiking, trekking, mountaineering or even just a camping trip. Forerunner 15 comes with a magnificent GPS function, long battery life, top-notch set of tracking options and more.

It is also resistant and durable, and comfortable enough despite being bigger than others. In short, it is a watch you shouldn’t dismiss if you want quality over everything else.


Reliability and resistance in one product that is also simple yet incredibly useful for hiking. Its performance is superb when it comes to resisting shocks and water, as well as it is good-looking. You may not find a problem with this watch, as it has everything and delivers a top-notch performance you won’t believe.

Magnetic Resistance & Reliability

Shock-resistance, 200m water resistance, and magnetic resistance – is there a more reliable watch out there? This one is simply amazing and will keep giving you the time for years without fault thanks to a resin case and strap.

Great Alert Features

Need a daily alarm? This watch comes with one. Need a calendar? This watch also offers that. Want a dual-time feature? Don’t worry, the G-Shock G100 by Casio also delivers dual-time ability. Whatever you need, this watch has it for sure.

Excellent BackLight Feature

Even though it’s not the most thrilling part of this watch, the EL backlight can save you a lot of issues. Especially in the dark, having a luminosity to watch what’s the time and other features is a total plus to enjoy.

What we liked

  • The most reliable Casio hiking watch with magnetic, shock and water resistance.
  • A vast array of alarms for superior convenience with Backlight alerts.
  • Outstandingly comfortable and reliable black resin design.

What we didn't like

  • The strap is too short for bigger wrists making it a little uncomfortable.

You won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a product with hundreds of features when you can get a simple yet reliable one like this. Among the best waterproof watches out there, the Casio G-Shock G-100 provides a top-notch performance and reliability.

You can use it as a mountain watch, hiking watch, or as a simple camping watch for less demanding activities. No matter how you use it, there’s no doubt it will keep working without problems.

Best Hiking Watch for Women

We couldn’t leave women outside our outdoor watch reviews. So we decided to make a small list for ladies watches as well. Here are two of the best trekking watches for women out there;

outdoor watch reviews

Extremely comfortable, reliable and yet with every tracking feature you could need. The Lestifit Activity Tracker is a watch for physically-active women who want to get the best from their adventures.

With several sports modes, a GPS, heart rate monitor, and even smartphone feature – you have everything you need on your wrist. This is a dismissible watch to consider.

Several Activity Modes

Use it while jogging, doing yoga, running, going on a hike, or just whatever. It tracks your calories burned and even distance, steps and more. Quickly, this watch will keep you active, sometimes also pushing you to get out of the sofa and push yourself.

GPS & Heart Rate

Tracking Don’t over extenuate yourself while trekking and don’t lose your path either. With a GPS tracking feature alongside a heart-rate and sleeping monitor, you will be able to do wonders. This is the perfect way to retain yourself on the right path and healthy at the same time.

Versatile & Interactive

Think of having a smartphone on your wrist is impossible? With this watch, it’s not, in any way. It comes with SMS and calls notifications, so you can know when someone’s reaching for you. Apart from that, the OLED screen is touchable so you can interact with the watch while going on a hike. In short, total versatility.

What we liked

  • Several activity modes for better tracking and alerts.
  • Top-notch GPS addition with heart-rate and sleeping monitoring.
  • Very comfortable, versatile and interactive design and features.

What we didn't like

  • Not the most resistant out there against shocks and harsh weather applications.

Any woman will love having a perfect watch like the Lestifit Activity Tracker, but it doesn’t mean it is the best. Despite having a fantastic set of features, activity modes and other alerts, it won’t resist the hardest of situations.

When it comes to hiking, it will be beneficial but not the most reliable. So keep that in the account before buying.


In our search for a perfect mountain watch for women, we found the Lintelek Activity tracker. It’s a customized option for girls who prefer personalization, and a more versatile device. Apart from that, it is one of the most affordable yet incredibly reliable and comfortable watches in the market.

When it comes to choosing something that offers an all-around design and set of features, this one may be your best choice. And you can find it for an incredible price, of course.

Multi-Sport Tracker

With the feature that allows you to choose a particular activity, you can do whatever you want and get top-notch performance. It will track your results and achievements while also pushing you to do better than previous times. And this is in 14 different activities.

Impressive GPS Quality

Despite being one of the most affordable in the market, this watch also has a pretty useful GPS. It tracks your path and lets you know where to go more efficiently than watches that cost double. And will always keep the feature on, making it more comfortable and more convenient for you.

Long-Lasting and Resistant

A device that offers excellent features should also resist the wear and different situations without problems. This one is not the toughest or durable out there, but having a well-designed build and waterproof ability, it will surely keep on with you on many situations.

What we liked

  • Outstanding set of tracking features with multi-sport ability.
  • More long-lasting and resistant than other similarly affordable options.
  • Top-notch GPS with heart-rate monitoring for efficiency and convenience.

What we didn't like

  • The battery lasts around 2 to 3 hours of continuous use

Overall, even though this watch is one of the best if you consider the many abilities it offers and its price – it won’t be your best choice. It is mostly recommended for women who are going on a single run or jogging fast, but it could also work for hiking.

If you have a portable charger to maintain the battery life on the right level, you will be able to use it with ease. Otherwise, it may eventually become a burden to have on your wrist.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Hiking Watch

Many people don’t know this, but picking the right watch for hiking can be extremely hard. Especially if it comes to buying a device under 100, you may eventually have to spend hours researching for the right product.

But to make it easier for you, here’s a straightforward and useful set of features you should consider:


Not all hiking watches come with a barometer, but it is beneficial nonetheless. This feature measures the pressure and helps to predict weather changes. If the air pressure falls too suddenly, it means a storm or heavy rain is coming. But if the pressure rises, the weather will improve signaling more sun and fewer clouds. 


Hiking is mostly done on mountains and hilltops and the like. Here, especially if they are too high, knowing the altitude can be pretty useful. The higher you are from sea level, the less oxygen you will have. Similarly, it helps to find your way more efficiently and avoid going off your limits. 


Everyone knows what North, East, South, and West mean, and a compass is the only device that helps you find them out quickly. This is an essential device on any hiking trip, and a feature you should always look for in a watch. A compass is maybe your best friend, especially in forests with big trees or places with limited far-away vision.


Some watches also come with a thermometer. It helps to measure temperature. This feature works better when the watch is not on the wrist, so it is a little inconvenient to use. However, it can be beneficial to find out the right place to stay or how to act depending on the temperature changes.


A GPS is maybe the most useful alongside the compass when it comes to hiking watch features. It helps to navigate in the wilderness more smoothly, helps to find the right path and sometimes even comes with additional measurements such as distance, speed and so on. This leads to a more convenient hike and probably fewer problems.

Heart Rate Monitor

Not the most useful feature but can be a lifesaver in dangerous situations. It is frequently added in the most innovative and cutting-edge watches, and they usually go over 100. The usability of a heart rate monitor is to help you stay at the right pace while hiking, avoiding over-extenuating or going too fast.

Strong Case

A sturdy shell in a hiking watch prevents the device to fail when you need it the most. When you go hiking, hitting your wrist where the watch is, can be a typical situation. The thing you need less than anything is a watch that does not work. Always go for a device that is sturdy enough to hold even the strongest of shocks.

Solid Lenses

Depending on the material, the lenses of the watch may or not be good enough for a hiking trip. We recommend going for sapphire or heavy-duty crystal lenses. They tend to last more and resist more hits and scratches than other materials. Yet, it is harder to find them at low prices.


You don’t know how your hike will be, if there’s going to be rain, river-crossing, lake dripping, etc. In any of these situations, there’s nothing better than a device that resists water. Along with all the other features, a watch that holds at least 1 meter of water pressure is a perfect addition to your hiking.

It will make it more durable, resistant, convenient and reliable in the long run. In short, you should always go for a mountain watch that offers at least three of the previous features.

Focus on resistance and GPS or compass, especially for a product below the 100 mark. Remember, it’s all about choosing something that meets your requirements and needs. Don’t go for something out of pure ambition or looks

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, at this point of the wordy piece, you might have some typical queries crossing you mind. Don’t worry! Even if we can’t answer the shitload of questions on internet, we will try helping you with the most frequent ones.

Q: How do I know if the watch is resistant to shocks or water?

A: A shock-resistant watch will provide an ISO standard resistance approbation, and for waterproofing, it should offer an IPF rate.

Q: Can I receive GPS signal and other data in any place?

A: Not really. To keep you updated on your location, you have to update the GPS feature on these watches. Without data signal, it won't do that unless you download maps beforehand.

Q: Should I do maintenance on a hiking watch or not?

A: The best hiking watch under $100 is not a watch that needs maintenance necessarily apart from cleaning. However, once a year, you can take it to a watch technician to review how it’s functioning.

Q: Can I swim or dive with one of these watches?

A: Not all of these trekking watches will allow you to do that, but with most of them; yes. Just stay in the right pressure without going farther than the waterproof measure (100m, 200m, etc.).

Q: Do I need to configure the watch before wearing?

A: We recommend reading the manual and learning what the watch offers and how to configure it before using. It’s an essential part of these hiking watches.

Final Verdict

So, are you ready to start using the best hiking watch under 100? Don’t hesitate anymore and choose one of the previous ones. You will spend days looking for a watch that offers everything you need and more for a fair price.

But none of them will be as reliable, quality-oriented and efficient as these. Trust me, or take the challenge! Ha-ha. Going on a hike wasn't as easy as it is with the perfect watch. So, pick the right option for your needs and desires; you won't be disappointed that way!

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