Difference Between Regular and Camping Eating Utensils

If you love the smell of a campfire, the rustle of wind on tent roofs or the cosy comfort of a quilted sleeping bag, you might be made for starry nights outdoors. Camping is a pastime beloved by people from all walks of life. It gives everybody (regardless of background or status) the same opportunities to thrive and survive.

Whether you prefer to slum it or ‘glamp’ on your outdoor adventures, it’s important to be prepared. For most, wild cooking is a big part of the camping experience. Hence, why some dining products are designed for outdoor use. Campfire cooking is very different from the way we do things at home. So, it makes sense for the cutlery to be different too.

​In this article, we ask, what is the difference between regular and camping eating utensils? What are the benefits of using outdoor cutlery and do you really need it?

Camping utensils don’t differ dramatically in their appearance. There’s no need to improve on the shape of a fork. It works in the kitchen. It works outdoors. The same goes for spoons, knives, ladles, peelers and other types of cutlery. You’ll find the biggest differences in their size and storage as both features have a direct impact on suitability and ease of use.

For instance, many camping utensils come with shorter handles or handles which fold to increase portability. Some are sold in ‘dining’ sets – knife, fork, spoon – and come linked together with a chain or cord. It’s just another way to increase practicality. If you’ve only got one of each utensil, you can’t afford to lose anything. Using a cord, chain or key ring is an easy way to keep all the important bits together.

​If you want to max out on convenience, consider multi-use tools. These are devices which merge together two or more eating utensils. One popular example is the spork: a single utensil with fork tines and a rounded spoon ‘bowl.’ These ‘mash up’ products are a big hit with campers because they save space and cut down on equipment.

​The Benefits of Compact Case Cutlery

We also noticed a tendency for camping cutlery to come with portable carry cases, bags and pouches. Again, this keeps dinner sets together and prevents them from getting lost and jumbled up at the bottom of a hiking rucksack. There’s also the issue of cleanliness to think about; storing cutlery in a separate case keeps it away from potential contaminants.

​This is particularly important if you’re camping outdoors for an extended period or staying in a muddy environment. In fact, just the normal movement of items in and out of a rucksack can easily spread dirt, grime and bacteria. It’s always best to carry your camping cutlery in its own protected bag or case.

​Finding the Right Material for Your Camping Gear

It’s true that some people use plastic cutlery when camping. This may be tolerable for quick and casual excursions but expect trouble as soon as you introduce any form of heat to the equation. You can’t use plastic utensils anywhere near a fire so they’re almost useless for eating anything but precooked, unheated snacks.

Aluminium and stainless steel, on the other hand, are great choices for those who want a reliable set of camping utensils to use regularly. Stainless steel is by far the superior option. It is sturdier, easier to clean and more resistant to rust than aluminium. However, it is more expensive. If you want to save money, aluminium is a reasonably hardwearing choice.

​If you’re keen to invest in long term quality, we recommend titanium camping utensils. Titanium is extremely strong while also being lighter to carry than stainless steel. It’s favoured by experienced hikers and climbers because it can take a lot of stress and strain without sustaining damage. The downside is it’s the most expensive option of the three.

​Your Choice of Camping Cutlery Really Does Matter

Casual campers may think of outdoors cutlery as a bit of an afterthought. If you’ve got food, you’re surviving, right? There’s got to be a hundred ways to eat it (even if many of them are with your hands). Yet, there’s a good reason experienced outdoorsmen take the time to pick out high quality utensils.

​Whether you’re camping outdoors for one night or twelve, your body is important – treating it well is a necessity, not a choice. So, make your meals special. Take care of the creature comforts and your body will take care of you. Together, you’ll be ready for some epic adventures. Remember, when browsing for high quality camping utensils, make durability, portability and cleanliness your priorities.

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