Grizzly Blue Multi Purpose Waterproof Poly Tarp Review

Do you want to safeguard your boats, masonry, brickwork, and cars, from the hash external weather elements? If you said yes, you definitely require a tarp. This is a shortened form of tarpaulin. It is a strong yet flexible material. It is primarily made of cloth such as polyester or canvas but is reinforced by the use of polyurethane or polythene.

With so many tarps out there in the market, chances are you may not have the skill required to make the right choice. You do not have to worry though. That is the need that we are going to meet in the following review. We have identified and are going to review the most outstanding item of this kind as of the year.



Superior Grade Tarps

This item comprises grizzly tarps that are of superior grade quality. Each tarp is consists of a tight polythene weave that measures 8 by 8 square inches in area. The weave is 5 millimeters thick and waterproof.

It is hence large enough to fully cover most basic pieces of furniture and household belongings. It is also thick enough to as long as is moderately possible. The fact that it is waterproof means you may rely on it to shield your belongings from rainwater and other forms of moisture.

Border Piping Enforcement

Throughout the borders of the tarp are pipes that offer further reinforcements. These reinforcements play several roles and purposes. They prevent the borders from fraying or tearing apart. They lengthen the life expectancy of the said areas and guarantee you their reliability.

In times of stressful applications, these reinforcements come in handy. They enable the tarp to withstand huge force and impacts. This is because they strengthen the border points that are ordinarily susceptible to stress.

Woven and Laminated Polyethylene


Its entire fabric is woven and strengthened by the use of the polyethylene laminate. The choice of these two materials is great indeed. The two materials are strong and very resilient to the common agents of deterioration. They hardly apart or soak in any water. For these two reasons, the tarp as a whole does not disappoint even in times of harsh weather. It is also pretty good at not catching dirt.

Heat Sealed Seams

To further reinforce the seams and prevent them from fraying or sustaining damages, the seams are heat treated. Such a treatment makes the seals to gain permanence. This has the impact of strengthening the seams in such a way as to withstand tearing apart also. In light of this, the seam and indeed the entire tarp last longer than would generally be the case. You will, therefore, enjoy the benefit of reduced maintenance costs.

Built-In Grommets

The various holes or openings on the tarp to which you may insert ropes and other attachments contain built-in grommets. These built-in grommets are located at every 36-inch interval. They basically strengthen the holes and prevent them from sustaining damages. They also ensure secure tie-downs and reliability of the tarps altogether. This, in turn, minimizes accidents and any other safety issues that may often arise during use.

What we liked

  • Lasts longer than most tarps of its kind.
  • Extremely light in weight to let you carry around with ease.
  • Comparatively easier to handle.
  • Washable and mildew-proof to guarantee reliability at all times.
  • Provides the longevity required for all covering or protective needs

What we didn't like

  • Poorly ventilated and hence less breathable.
  • Slightly smaller than what is ordinarily necessary.
  • Prone to perforations

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the diameter of the ropes that will fit this tarp?

How much does this tarp weigh?

Final Verdict

There you have it! In case you are on the lookout for a suitable tarp for covering your belongings, this indeed is the one you ought to give the first priority. As you can clearly deduce from the foregoing review, it has all the qualities that the ideal tarp of its kind is naturally expected to possess. It is also cheaper and easier to use.

For these reasons, it shall deliver to you the satisfaction you require but without subjecting you to too much strain. Why don’t you purchase it right away? You do not want to wait for too long before you begin enjoying the benefits and advantages it has to offer, do you?

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