How To Avoid Heat Exhaustion

Avoid hikers should engage in the favorite activity at any time of the year whether it is in the summer season or winter and so on. When it is summer, you need to deal with one big issue that can confront you during this season, and that is the problem of heat exhaustion. You can encounter this problem unless you take the appropriate step to take care of it. Here you will learn some important tips to avoid heat exhaustion during hiking. Before you know those tips, it is important to state that this exhaustion occurs because your body has lost many fluids during the hiking activity.

Try to acclimatize with the new temperature

When the whether it is too hot such that you were not used to such an extreme temperature, you need to acclimatize yourself with the temperature. Initially, you are going to lose excess fluid from your body system when you hike during such an extreme temperature. It is advisable that you wait for some days before venturing to the hot weather. Within some days, you will be used to that extreme temperature and the problem of exhaustion will no longer be there.

Consider heat wave warnings

Before you embark on hiking always check the weather and heed the heat wave warning. This is very important and there is the tendency for some people to ignore it to their own detriment. Heat wave warning serves the same purpose as a storm warning. Always check it to ensure that you are safe to engage in this strenuous activity.


While hiking, resting is very important especially when you are doing it at that extreme temperature. Try to rest when you have been in this activity for some hours. When you rest, you are going to recover some of the lost energy. Look for nearby shades when you hike to rest in such shades for a few hours. This can help you by preventing exhaustion, which can be very dangerous for you.


Do not hike when the sun is extreme. Always avoid sunburn because it can be detrimental to your health. If the sun burns is excessive, it can drain all the fluids in your body and you will be worse for that. If the sunburn is harsh, try to use protective glasses for your eyes. This ensures that dangerous rays do not destroy your eyes. Apart from the eyes, you need to protect your body with a hat and several other protective measures you can use.

Put on light clothes

When you hike, you have to wear light clothes to prevent exhaustion. Such clothes apart from being light, must also be loose fitting. This means that such clothes should not tight you. Such clothes will easily admit air to your body and the air will not find it hard to circulate through your body. You should wear only those clothes that can prevent sweat evaporation from the body system.

Take enough water

Any time you think that you have lost sufficient quantity of fluid from your body, one of the natural ways of replacing the lost fluid is by drinking sufficient quantities of water. When you hike in a hot water, you should have a bottle of water by your side, and take enough of them and ensure that you are highly saturated with water. Once there is no dehydration, you will not suffer from exhaustion.

You should take at least three liters of water with you when you hike and drink at least 750 ml for every two hours. Take sufficient quantities of water at frequent intervals and this can assist you by avoiding exhaustion.

Pour water over your body

If you think that the heat is excessive, then you can always splash water on your skin. This can lessen the heat and can prevent exhaustion as you hike. Moreover, if you have a wet cloth in your neck as you hike, it will keep you cool for a very long time. Ensure that you do not take those things that can be a burden for you, because heavy load can equally lead to exhaustion.

These are some of the basic things that you can do to prevent exhaustion as you hike. These tips are very important and you cannot ignore any of them, because of exhaustion can be a serious problem. It is better to stay healthy and safe when you hike and you can achieve that by observing those tips listed above.

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