How to Fix Heel Slippage In Boots ( Step By Step Guideline)

It is not uncommon for the feet to slip off while walking in the boots. This issue is mainly brought about when the feet sweat excessively. If and when this happens, the side effects are never really adorable. It is not uncommon for injuries to arise not to mention the damages on the feet.

To counter this menace, you need to fix some heel slippage in your boots. These are items that are placed to add some friction to the feet and to also prevent you from slipping off unnecessarily when walking, running, hiking or going about your businesses.

How to Fix Heel Slippage in Boots

The procedures below will help you to fix the heel slippage in boots:

Use the Hairspray

Though primarily intended to spruce up your hair, the hairsprays can also be used to make the socks stickier. When used for that purpose, they tend to prevent the heels from slipping off unnecessarily as is the norm and thus expedite your own comfort. Only be sure to use it sparingly as it is not really meant for this purpose.

Make do with a Double-sided Tape

Double-sided tape may also come in handy to your rescue. This one binds the heel of the boot and that of your foot. It is only a temporary measure as you wait for a more permanent solution to come by. Also, observe some fair degree of carefulness as you go about its use as it is prone to damages.

Incorporate a Second Pair of Socks

If you lack any other means, you are advised to incorporate a second pair of socks. This extra pair shall reinforce the friction and the grip you would ordinarily obtain. In the course of doing that, it also wards off the menace of the heel slippage to keep you tight and well comfortable.

Place the shoe heel slip inserts

The shoe heel slip inserts may also serve to fill the spaces that are left in between the boot and the feet. This way, they prevent you from sustaining blisters and the slippage that ordinarily comes along. Only be sure that the one you use is compliant and conforming to the pair you have in mind.

Stash the Heel Grips

Apart from the shoe inserts, the heel grips may also serve the purpose of filling the spaces in between the skin of the boot and the feet. They also absorb sweat and minimize the impacts that are generally felt in the course of walking around from one place to another one.

Wear the Non-slip Socks

You may also consider wearing the non-slip socks as they are pretty great at diminishing the slipperiness and the friction that ordinarily come by. These socks are available in varied shades and sizes. Be sure that the one you pick for the job is appropriately suited for that very role hence.

Prioritize Shoes that have the Non-Slip Insoles Feature

As the first line of defense against this menace, you might have to prioritize those shoes that have the non-slip insole features. This feature is basically an added lining that exists at the back of the inside of your boot. It similarly absorbs impacts not to mention diminishing friction from impacting your feet.

Implement the Shoe Tongue Pads

The shoe tongue pads are those that tend to fill up the vacant spaces and similarly play the role of absorbing shocks and impacts. At the same time, they also add some warmth to the feet and are hence great to use in the harsh cold winter months.

Utilize the Lace Locks

To be able to combat this menace fully, we also suggest that you utilize the lace locks. They basically lock the laces completely to prevent the same from fidgeting or getting too loose when impacting or tackling unforgiving terrains. In doing so, they also give you some confidence to run around smoothly.

Lace your Shoes Appropriately

You need not necessarily acquire too many extras and accessories to be able to have your way. It is indeed possible for you to counter this issue by just lacing your shoes appropriately. By “appropriately,” we mean the laces have to be tight and less likely to loosen even when the shoes fidget when running around.

Maintain your Boots Dry

Boots that are too slippery or wet have the tendency to inflicting this problem. It hence goes that one sure way of combating the heel slippage is to maintain your boots dry and comfortable. Be sure to wash and dry your boots after each use. That way, it will hardly slip off your feet even when attempting something tough.

Alter your Walking Style

In some instances, this issue of the heel slippage arises mainly because of the poor walking style you adopt. Consequently, you should also consider altering your walking style as a way of reversing this trend altogether. Be gentle and kind when trudging your way from one part of the city to another.

Make the right choice of Boots

Apart from altering your walking styles, you should also make the right choice of the boots you put on. Be sure that the one you pick for the job fits your feet and at the same time have the same configuration as the shape of your feet.

Final Verdict

Having exhausted all that you may need to know to combat the menace of heel slippage, we now pass the buck to you to implement the stated provisions. That ought not to be too much of a hassle now. As you may see, these steps are easier to implement and make do with.

Chances are that the steps we have showcased above may not be sufficient for your needs. The best way forward is to carry on from where we have left. Make use of the pieces of information we have showcased above to be able to launch further investigations.

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