How To Sharpen A Pocket Knife

Perhaps the most useful knife on the market today is the pocket knife. Because of the size and design, the knife is always accessible. Without sharpening the knife, it is good for nothing. You can hardly use it for the purpose you want to use it. When you sharpen the knife, you can use it for lots of things such as opening of food packages, wood carving, as well as cutting up boxes, wiping and other different purpose.

If you have a pocket knife, you have to sharpen it to serve you better. Sharpening such knives does not take time, once you use a good knife sharpener. The problem is that many people do not know the best pocket knife sharpeners. If you are looking for how to sharpen a pocket knife, information provided here will assist you to make the correct choice.

Review of The Pocket knife Sharpeners

If you are still finding it hard to sharpen your pocket knife, then you have come to the right spot. A dull pocket knife is worthless, and because of that, you need to choose the best amongst them. Here are the three best pocket knife sharpeners. These are considered the best because of their superior quality.

1. PriorityChef Sharpener Straight Serrated Sharpens

How To Sharpen A Pocket Knife

Perhaps, the greatest pocket knife sharpener the market has ever seen is the PriorityChef sharpener. The product is highly reliable and produced from the finest raw materials in the industry can afford. It does not only keep your knife-edge straight, it makes them sharper than a razor.

The sharpening system with this product is in two stages. The stages include blades polishing, and the second stage is the sharpening of the blades.

It sharpens well and fast because it uses diamond sets of sharpeners. Because of that, the knife is going to sharpen very well.

Furthermore, it is stable to use, because of the non-slip base. The sharpener will not slip and this means that you will not be hurt while using the sharpener. Your safety is guaranteed. 

Most importantly, it is ergonomically designed and this means that you will not find it hard to hold and sharpen. The money back guarantee assurance is another thing that makes the brand attractive. If you are not satisfied, you are assured of one hundred percent money refunds.

Because of the great features, this product is the best choice for chefs. It is high quality and very reliable. The sharpener is produced from the finest raw materials available in the market today. It sharpens your knives very well, and keeps them straight after sharpening. After using this product, you can hardly use any other.

Most importantly, it is stylish and durable. It is simple and easy to use. From the features, it is obvious that this model is meant for comfort of the user. 

Furthermore, it is versatile. It does not take time before it sharpens your knife. Most importantly, you can use this product in all kinds of blades. 

Even if you have the dullest pocket knife, you do not need to worry because this will bring it to life. It is easy and you can even recycle your abandoned knife to make them new again.

What we liked

  • Superior quality sharpener
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to use
  • Can sharpen different kinds of knives
  • Good customer service

What we didn't like

  • Sharpening can be aggressive

This is the best pocket knife sharpener. It is recommended because of the simple sharpening technique. The model is simple to use and it is safe to use. If you are looking for the best, you should opt for the product.

2. Premium Sharpening Waterstone Whetstone Sharpener


The sharpener is living up to its name. It is first class sharpener. It can be used globally, doubled sided, and features a grit of 1000/6000. Because of the design, you can use it to sharpen different kinds of blades. Moreover, it is simple to use because it features a non-slip bamboo base.

You can achieve your sharpening result within the shortest time. The sharpening process is angle guided. Furthermore, to assist you understand the sharpener; it features an instruction manual, which is not difficult to read. In addition to that, it features a bonus free knife sharpening eBook. This explains the sharpening stone and how best to use it to achieve the expected result.

It is a double sided sharpener and the grit for one side is one thousand while the other side is 6000. The greatest thing about it is that you can combine the two sides, and this solves the problem of purchasing the two sharpening stone separately.

You are not required to be an expert before you can use the sharpener. Moreover, it is a multipurpose sharpener. This means that apart from sharpening your pocket knife that you can use it to sharpen different kinds of knives.

It is designed from a highly rated and highly graded material the brand is highly durable. You can enjoy the benefits for a very long time, because it is long lasting. Whether you want to sharpen your pocket knife, kitchen knives, chisel sharpening, hunting knife and any kind of blade, you are sure of achieving a perfect result within the shortest possible time.

Moreover, safety is another great feature that makes the knife sharpener unique. The company clearly understands that safety is very important in this kind of product, and that is why they did everything to ensure that you are not endangered while using it. It is composed of a silicon base for holding the stone inside the sharpening. The sharpener will never slide and your safety is one hundred percent guaranteed when you are using the product.

Most importantly, the product is not difficult to use. It is user friendly and not difficult to assemble. In any case, it contains user manual that can guide you on how to use the product. While sharpening, there will be no mess. After sharpening, it is not difficult to clean.

If you are interested in quality, then you should make do with this great product. It was thoroughly inspected by a third party and the quality was guaranteed. Everybody including professionals can use it. If you are looking for a product that can give you real value for your money, then you have seen the correct product. It has everything you want, and it is highly recommended.

What we liked

  • It is double sided sharpening stone
  • The product features a bamboo and a silicone base
  • It features a manual and a guide as well as eBook that can assist you in using it
  • This model is good for different purposes such as pocket, hunting, as well as kitchen purposes

What we didn't like

  • Though it contains eBook, there is no information as to how to use it

In conclusion, this model is one of the best pocket knife sharpeners on the market. It is durable, safe, and easy to use. It is highly recommended, as it is simple to assemble. You will have real value for your money.

3. Messermeister Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener, 12-Inch


The sharpener features 1500 grit and because of that, you will sharpen your pocket knife without difficulties. Apart from sharpening your blade, it helps realign the blades as well.

It is designed with ceramic materials. This means that it is hard and it can sharpen different kinds of knives with ease. The knife is not difficult to handle, because of the ergonomic handle. This grips very well and ensures that you secure the knife, as you sharpen it.

In terms of quality, there is no other product that can compare with it, because it is one hundred percent Messermeister quality. It remains the best sharpening knife on the market, and you will get real value for your money when you use the product.

What we liked

  • It is highly durable, as it will never wear out
  • The handling is easy because of the ergonomic design
  • It is very comfortable to use
  • It sharpens very fast

What we didn't like

  • It can be massive at 12 inches

This notwithstanding, this is a superior quality knife and it is highly recommended for those looking for the best. It is highly durable and simple to use. It is the hardest sharpening stone around. 

Types Of Knife Sharpeners

Serrated Knife Sharpener

As the name implies, the sharpener is used for serrated knives. This means that it is good for all kinds of knives. They are good for this type of knife because of the design. It features shaped edges. This edge is odd and because of that, it can only sharpen serrated knives very well. Moreover, you can hardly use other sharpening instrument to sharpen serrated knives. If this product is not handled very well, it can harm the user.

Manual or handheld sharpener

Other type of pocket knife sharpener is the handheld or manual sharpeners. This is the ideal because it can be used for different kinds of knives. The product may look ordinary, but the fact remains that you have to learn how to use it and master it before you can use the instrument.

If you are a cook, and you are looking for the perfect knife sharpener, you can always opt for this product. You can even travel with it. If you have accommodation problem in your home, you can always use this product because it does not occupy space.

There are different kinds of handheld sharpeners and the ways they are used are not the same. Most of them have guides or user manuals that can assist you in using them.

Electric knife sharpeners

Another pocket knife sharpener you can use is the electric sharpeners. It spins very fast and because of that, many people like the sharpening efficiency. This type of sharpener is not difficult to use. In short, it is easier to use them any other kind of sharpener. It can make noise and the cost can be much, but it will always deliver faster and better sharpening results than other products. To use this model, you do not need to be an expert. In fact, anybody can use the knife sharpener without difficulties.

Butchers sharpening steel

This is another kind of pocket knife sharpener. Many people call it sharpening steel or butcher’s steel. This sharpener is meant for hone blades. This is still a good sharpener, but it is not as efficient as other tools so far reviewed. This sharpening instrument is meant for specific types of knives. Because of the design, this pocket knife sharpener is not difficult to buy. Furthermore, it is the most user-friendly knife sharpener.

If you have accommodation problem, you can opt for it, because it is easy to store, as it does not occupy space. The sharpener is not as expensive as other kinds, and you can hardly derive any benefit from them as it can hardly sharpen your pocket knife when it is very dull.

How to Choose The Pocket Knife Sharpener

When you are looking for the best pocket knife sharpener, you have to consider some important features. Here are some of the features to consider:

Ease of use

The most important feature to look out for is how easy it is to use the knife sharpener. Many inexperienced users will find it hard to make a choice. Consider various products and take only those that are not difficult to use. There is no need of getting a product you find very hard to use.


Secondly, consider the type of materials used to make the knife sharpener. Look for harder materials because they can always deliver a better result. You should know however, that you must pay more when you are looking for sharpeners produced from the hardest materials. You can pay the extra dollars in view of the huge benefits, you derive from them.


Moreover, the issue of safety is very important. When you are looking for products do not opt for those you will be always apprehensive of getting hurt. Go for only those you can use with confidence. Look for those with stable base; you will not be hurt when the base is stable.

Final Verdict

These are the best sharpening stones on the market. You will get real value for your money. These pocket knife sharpeners are not difficult to use. It is a question of using the instruction manual and learning how to use it.

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