Sawyer MINI Water Filter Review OF 2020

​The sawyer ​MINI water filtration system uses a hollow tube technology and is used in the removal protozoa, cyst and bacteria from water. ​​This ​water ​filter will make sure that you can access clean water anywhere on earth. It is an incredible filtration system, and its performance is incredible.

​Furthermore, this filtration system features a light and easy to use design. When it comes to water purification, the ​sawyer ​mini ​water ​filter ​works perfectly making ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. The sawyer mini also filters out 100% of micro plastics.

Sawyer Mini Water Filter Review

Hollow Fiber Membrane

​This feature helps remove 99.99% of protozoa including giardia and cryptosporidium as well as bacteria such as cholera, e-Coli, and salmonella.

​Built-in Push

​The sawyer ​​MINI water filtration system features an integrated push which helps in spraying water straight into the mouth. You can as well use it in refilling a water bottle.


​In order for you to back-flush the filter when the filtration rate drops, the Sawyer water filter is equipped with a syringe.

Inline Adapters

​Furthermore, the sawyer ​​MINI water filtration system features inline adapters which help in squeezing the filter inline on a hydration pack.

​Fitting Threads

​The sawyer filter is capable of fitting threads on most bottled water that you purchase from a grocery store.

Gravity Tubing

​On another hand, the ​sawyer ​MINI ​water ​filter features gravity tubing which lets you hook up squeeze filter as a gravity filter.

​How ​To ​Use ​The ​Sawyer ​MINI ​Water ​Filter?

​The Sawyer ​​MINI water ​filter is excellent for outdoor activity such as camping, hiking, international travel, scouting, and emergency preparedness. With this filtration system accessing clean water has become much more comfortable.

​The Sawyer MINI features a U shaped fiber which is hollow. The micro-tubes help in blocking contaminants while permitting clean water to pass through with an incredible flow rate. This filtration system exceeds Environmental Protection Agency acclaimed rate of removal.

​By filling up the reusable pouch from any source of water, attach the filter to the pouch and drink directly using the filter or squeeze your water into any water bottle. For more flexibility, attach your sawyer filter onto any disposable water bottle or soda bottle. You can as well consider screwing the filter on hydration packs.

You can clean and reuse your sawyer water filter with no expensive container to replace. It is recommended backwashing and sanitizing your filter often after every outing for enhanced use.

Advantages o​f ​Using ​The ​Sawyer ​MINI ​Water ​Filter

  • ​The sawyer MINI filtration system does not require pumping since it works through pressure. By rolling up your bag and squeezing the water through the filters is capable of cleaning and purifying your water without the need of using any pump.​
  • ​ ​Extra water capacity, and furthermore, it only takes 30 seconds to refill.​
  • ​Lightweight design. The system filtration including 21 pouches weighs about 3 ounces.​
  • The Sawyer ​MINI ​one of the cheapest ​filters in the market.

Disadvantages of ​The ​Sawyer ​MINI ​Water ​Filter

  • ​When under pressure, the filter can easily break, and when frozen, the hollow fiber membrane becomes ruin quickly. ​
  • The filtration system is not transparent; therefore, you cannot see the amount of water left in the system.

​Final Verdict

​The sawyer ​MINI water filter is an incredible product, especially if you are looking for a fast and easy way to rehydrate while outdoors. As long as you have the sawyer filter, you can attach it to any container, and you will have clean water and safe as the end product.

​The sawyer filtration system offers a fast and reliable way of filtering a large amount of water for a small group of people since it features a rapid flow rate. The filtration system is light in weight, making it incredible for the backcountry.

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