Which Sleeping Bag Should You Pick

With so many sleeping bags from which you can choose, it is difficult to decide which is the best option for you. It is essential that you choose the best one to meet your needs and this will vary from one person to the next, depending on when you use the bag, your frame, and the features you like best. The following are my own recommendations for which sleeping bags will suit different people and in which situations.

​My Recommendations

The overall best backpacking sleeping bag in this category is the Coleman Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag, in my opinion. Not only is this manufactured by a reputable brand, but it is also very warm and is suitable for most weathers. It also has some handy features that will keep you comfortable to improve your backpacking experience.

​Another fantastic option in this price range is the Abco Tech Sleeping Bag, which is suitable for a range of outdoor activities. It provides a fantastic level of warmth and weather protection, despite being under $100. I think that the shape of the sleeping bag is also great for people who want a little extra room to move as it is a barrel shape with wider shoulders.

​A further option for those who need more room to move and have a larger frame is the NORSENS 0-Degree Cold Weather Sleeping Bag for Adults. However, its longer length and greater width are not the only reasons I think this is a good choice in this price range. It is also lightweight, compact, and has good zippers. This is best suited for backpacking between spring and fall as it is not intended for extreme conditions.

​For taller backpackers who backpack between the spring and the fall, I recommend the Kelty Tuck 22F Degree Mummy Sleeping Bag. There is both a regular and long option for this sleeping bag and, clearly, a taller person should opt for the long model. Along with its length, there are many other benefits to choosing this sleeping bag for backpacking. These predominantly relate to the insulation of the sleeping bag as it retains warmth well and has a well-insulated foot box to keep your feet warm.

The best option for people who go backpacking in extreme conditions is probably the Suisse Sport Everest Sleeping Bag. This provides a superior level of insulation that is better-suited to camping out in freezing conditions. Despite its low price, this sleeping bag will also protect you from other aspects of the weather, such as drafts and moisture. This means it is suitable for use in various conditions and locations.

​If you are a woman and want a sleeping bag that is shaped with the female form in mind, then the Kelty Women’s Tuck 20 Degree Sleeping Bag is one of the best on the market. In my opinion, this is one of the best options for women in terms of the level of comfort and warmth it provides. It also keeps out drafts thanks to the zipper draft tube and the zippers have an anti-snag feature that removes the frustration of snagging when getting in and out of your sleeping bag.

​Finally, if you are willing to increase your budget to include sleeping bags under $200, I would recommend the Hyke and Byke Down Sleeping Bag for Backpacking. At under three pounds, this is one of the lightest down sleeping bags on the market. It is made from quality materials and is extremely warm.

Final Verdict

​If you have a limited budget for buying a backpacking sleeping bag, there is still plenty of choices available. The options include many fantastic sleeping bags that will keep you warm in most weathers and there are choices available to accommodate different body shapes. I have recommended these products as they each have many benefits that will suit different people. Despite these being good quality products with many advantages, they are some of the most affordable backpacking sleeping bags currently available on the market.

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