Best 10 Person Camping Tents Review and Rating In 2021

When a person is looking to go camping they are going to want to make sure they have a great tent. The tent should be large enough to fit everyone that they are going with so that everyone can lay down comfortably. The tent should also be able to stand up to the weather. The material should be able to keep out the rain and the wind.

There are different tents made for different seasons so a person gets the tent suited to the time they plan on camping. The tent should be easy to assemble as many people are not experts when they need to pitch the tent. Camping can be a fun experience outdoors as long as a person has a comfortable and sturdy tent.

Best 10 Person Tent - Comparison Table

Best 10 Person Tent Review

When a person is looking to take a trip with friends and family they need a tent that can fit a lot of people. These are the best tents that are designed for 10 people. They are of high quality and durable.

Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent

This tent is designed for those that want to go camping with friends or family and still have plenty of room. The backpacking tent is designed to stand up to rain and wind so a camping trip is not ruined. 

Great Size

This tent can fit 3 queen sized airbeds. This offers plenty of room for people to sleep comfortable.

Easy to set up

The tent can be set up without a hassle.

Quality Material

The tent will not let water in and will not fall down if the wind picks up.


The floors are welded to keep the people dry and it used to be set up within 20 minutes. This will allow people to spend more time camping and less time prepping.

What we liked

  • Protective seams for strong wings
  • The door is made of weather resistant fabric
  • Floors are waterproof
  • Windows are angled for circulation
  • Additional wall pockets for easy storage.

What we didn't like

  • Users said the seams leak
  • Short warranty
  • Warranty does not cover weather damage
  • Hard to carry
  • Reported issues at retaining heat

Final Verdict

This tent is large enough to hold all 10 people. The tent has plenty of room and it was designed to give each person plenty of room to sleep in comfort.


The tent was designed for the rugged outdoors. It is large enough to fit the family and durable enough to keep them safe. This camping tent is perfect for a large family. There are 2 D-style doors.

Easy to Carry

The tent fits in the bag nicely and is not bulky.

Three Season

The tent it able to protect a person from early frosts.


This tent has a shock cored frame made from fiberglass so it is easy to set up.


There are mesh windows to allow ventilation into the tent.


There are two doors that are designed to help keep the rain out.

What we liked

  • Duffle system for easy storage
  • Lightweight
  • Dome tent design
  • Easy to set up
  • Designed for family camping trips

What we didn't like

  • Leaks around doors and windows reported
  • Leaks on the bottom reported
  • Not able to stand up to strong winds
  • On the expensive side
  • Poles were not as secure as promised

Final Verdict

This tent is easy to carry and the design allows for some extra room. There are two large doors which makes it easy to get in and out of. The frames are designed to add extra protection as well.


The tent is large enough to fit the entire family. It has also received one of the best ratings that a tent can get.

Divided Easily

There are room dividers that allow for some privacy.


There are doors and windows so that air flow can get into the tent allowing everyone to be cool and comfortable.

Great for Families

This tent was rated one of the best overall tents for a family vacation. It was ranked number six in the nation for 10 person tents.


There are 2 rooms in the tent which allow for some privacy and there are 3 minutes for proper air flow.

What we liked

  • Easy to assemble
  • Plenty of windows and doors
  • Room divider
  • Seamed sealed for UV protection
  • Mosquito mesh to keep these bugs out

What we didn't like

  • Reports that tent could not stand up to mild winds
  • Hard to get in and out of a carrier bag
  • The floor is known to get small holes in it
  • Expensive
  • Subject to normal wear and tear

Final Verdict

This tent is one of the more sturdy and secure ones on the market. It is rated number 6 for family tents and will allow everyone to be able to fit in the tent comfortably.

Columbia Sportswear Fall River 10 Person Instant Dome Tent

This tent is designed by the Columbia brand and will give a person the same quality experience as their other products. The tent is designed for those that like the rugged trail. It’s a beautiful tent for summer season . This tent is perfect for a big family of 4 or 6 persons even 10 persons. This tent is remarkably easy to set up, very durable and lots of ventilation which is an advantage on a hot weather day.


This tent can stand up to tough conditions including camping on mountains and rough areas.

Simple Set up

Within a matter of minutes the tent can be set up to be secure.


The tent is made from a special material. Even if it rain, this tent can dry three times faster than similar models.

Trusted Company

This tent is made by a trusted brand of sportswear.

Longer Camping Time

The tent has adjustable vents so that it can be used in all season. A person can camp into the late fall and will not have to wait until summer to go out and enjoy nature.

What we liked

  • Easy setup
  • Allows 360 views of the outside through the tent windows
  • Sealed power cord access
  • Advanced material dries quickly
  • Lightweight even when wet

What we didn't like

  • Hinges are plastic, not too secure
  • Poor warranty
  • Expensive
  • Poor construction
  • Hard to carry due to size

Final Verdict

The Columbia tent is designed to be more secure and has a sturdy design so that it can stand up to the weather and allow for a great family camping trip.

Tahoe Gear Olympia 10-Person 3-Season Family Camping Tent

This tent will allow a person to spend as much time camping as possible. It is large and can stand up to the weather. There is enough room for everyone.

Easy to Carry

While the tent is large it comes in a small bag making it easy to carry.

Extra Security

here were extra security measures in the design to keep water and wind from ruining the trip.

Three Season

This tent is a three-season tent so it can be used from early spring until the late part of the fall.


The tent is oversized so that a family or a group can enjoy the tent and still have personal space.

What we liked

  • The tent is oversized so there is plenty of room for the family
  • The area to attach powder cord
  • Large enough for 2 queen air mattresses
  • Floor binding to help protect against water
  • Easy to assemble

What we didn't like

  • Sides are not supportive enough
  • Carry bag is small
  • Hard to travel with
  • The tent can be unstable
  • Not sturdy in the wind

Final Verdict

Overall this tent is large enough to bring on a camping trip and will fit the entire family. The tent has plenty of ventilation so that everyone can sleep comfortably and can even charge their devices.

Ozark Trail Family Cabin Tent

The tent has a unique design. It is shaped like a cabin complete with a covered front porch. This is like a small home away from home.

Cabin Style

This tent is spacious and there is even a cabin where the family can sleep and relax.

Plenty of Room

The tent is designed to be cabin style so that all members of the family can have some room.

Designed for Privacy

There are rooms inside the tent so each person can have some privacy.

Special Construction

The covered porch area allows the family to sit out and enjoy the view with protective overhead covering.

Camp Sites

This is a great tent for a camp area. It is like a little home away from home .

What we liked

  • Includes two twin mattresses
  • Great ground air circulation
  • Windows for additional ventilation
  • Windows off a panoramic view
  • Tent is affordable

What we didn't like

  • Takes some time to set up
  • A tent can leak due to rain
  • The tent has been reported to not too sturdy in the wind
  • Poor directions
  • Tent prone to caving in

Final Verdict

This is one of the largest tents for the family. The cabin style is appealing to many people and it comes with two mattresses for the camping experience.

Things To Consider When Choosing A 10 Person Tent

When a person is looking to buy a tent there are some features that they need to keep in mind. Not all tents are made the same and some are better quality than others. A person should pay attention to some key features when they are buying a tent.

Tent Size

They need to pay close to the size of the tent. If a person is planning on going camping with their family they should look into a tent that fits p to 10 people.

Tent Construction

The tent should have a sturdy construction so that it will stay standing and not collapse on a person.

Air Flow

The tent should allow for proper vitalization. There should be doors and windows that will allow for outside air to get in.

Keep out the Weather

The tent should be made of quality material that can stand up to rain and wind.

Extend the Season

Three seasons tents will allow a person to camp from early spring to the late fall and remain comfortable.It is important to look at the materials from the tent. There are some fabrics that are better at keeping out the rain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a separator for rooms?

Answer: The divider inside the tent will go back and forth but it will not divide the tent into rooms.

Q: Can the dividers be removed?

Answer: Yes, they can be removed as needed.

Q: Is there a window or door flaps?

Answer: This tent does have flaps to allow ventilation.

Q: Are the tents waterproof?

Answer: As long as they are properly constructed, the tents should not allowed water to seep in.

Q: Is there a warranty?

Answer: Be sure to check with the manufacturer as they vary.

Final Verdict 

I would recommend any of these tents for those that are looking to bring a large family or a group along on the camping trips. The tents are somewhat easy to put together while due to this size it may take several people. All of the tents are spacious and there is plenty of room. It is easy to bring along an inflatable queen mattress and they can fit into the tent without a problem.

These tents are able to stand up to normal weather conditions including mild wind and rain. Any of these tents are large enough to allow 10 people to fit comfortably. This way everyone can enjoy the camping experience. The tents even have room dividers so some privacy can be allowed when everyone settles down and goes to sleep.

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