Top 10 Campfire Games for Adults

Campfire times are expected to be fun and memorable especially because they involve friends and family. This is because campfires are meant to make you relax and reconnect with people around you. Camp fire experiences involve food, drinks and most of all, fun. The fun part is mostly achieved by short jokes, scary stories or by playing campfire games. Below are examples of campfires to get your camping experience going.

1. Truth or Dare

This is among the most popular campfire games. It’s a game that required two or more players. It begins by the other players asking an individual choose between a truth and a dare. If the individual chooses truth, the group asks a question. Most of the times, the question is embarrassing and the individual has to answer truthfully. If the individual chooses dare, the rest of the group dares them to do something, which is often an embarrassing act. If the individual fails to do any of the two things, they are penalized. Penalties may include taking another drink or pay a fine in money form.

2. Mafia Or Werewolf​

Mafia Or Werewolf​ is very common, party and fun games for adults around the campfire. About 16 players play in this games. Only one items necessary for this purpose. This is a deck of cards. Playing rules of the mafia game.

​3. Telephone

This begins by one of the players whispering something short to another player. The second player is then expected to whisper the message to the next person in the group. This cycle repeats until the last person on the group is reached. The last person is expected to announce the message out loud to the rest. Since during the whispering errors may occur, the final person may end up giving a completely different message. This is where the hilarity of the game appears.

​4. Mosquito Bites

Each player is given a couple of stickers, mostly red in color. The goal is to finish your stickers by tagging your friends with them hence the name mosquito bites. The stickers should be placed secretly without getting noticed. When you get caught, you keep your sticker and get another sticker from whoever caught you.

​5. Dead Fish

The goal here is to remain still and to avoid any movement- just like dead fish! One person walks around checking for people who might be making even the most minimal movements. If they find any, they call them out and they lose. The fun begins when those that have been tagged out try to incite those that are still in the game to make movements. This is done by laughing or teasing.

​6. Twenty Questions

Here one player who is the answerer selects an object and keeps it secret. He does not disclose it to the rest of the players. The rest are called guessers and are expected to guess what the object is. The answerer can only give a yes or no answer. If one of the guessers gets the correct answer, they become the answerer and the cycle continues where they pick an object and the rest have to guess what it is.

​7. Make me laugh

This game’s goal is to make other people laugh while you also prevent yourself from laughing. It is advisable that the players divide themselves into teams. One team then goes on stage where they are expected to make jokes. One person from another team is put on the hot seat meaning the jokes are targeted at them. They are expected to avoid laughing from the jokes for about two minutes. If they manage to do this, their team earns a point. If they laugh, their team goes on stage and makes jokes while an individual from another team is put on the hot seat to listen to the jokes. This cycle then continues. The teams are not allowed to touch the person on the hot seat or be mean to them.

​8. The ABC Game

The first player starts by saying the full names of a celebrity or known person. The second player then has to mention the name of a celebrity that starts with the first letter of the last name of the said celebrity. For example the first player may begin with “Angelina Jolie” and the second person says “Jennifer Lawrence” and the third person says “Liam Hemsworth” and the cycle continues.

​9. Crazy balloon popping

It begins by all players writing challenging actions on strips of paper which are then put in different balloons with each balloon having a single strip. Some music is played as the balloons are passed around. When the music stops, every player pops the balloon they are holding by sitting on it. The player then has to do what the strip of paper that was inside the balloon says.

​10. Would you rather…

This is a classic game where people take turn in asking “would you rather…” followed by a choice of actions, mostly two. The audience then has to choose one of the actions given. An example of a question would be “would you rather wear somebody else’s underwear or use someone else’s toothbrush?” and the choice one picks determines the hilarity of the game.

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