Hammock Camping in Cold Weather

For a start, a hammock is a bed that is suspended between two trees by use of tight ropes. Hammocks are a great ways to relax. They may serve as sleeping areas or for leisure and amusement. This is especially when you swing them back and forth while you are asleep on them.

During the cold season, they require some modifications to enable them perform optimally. We are here to examine those modifications and improvements in the subsequent conversations.

Hammock Camping in Cold Weather

Squeeze in an Insulation Sleeping Pad

Place an insulation sleeping pad in between the sleeping bag and the hammock. This insulation pad may take many forms. These includes extra cushions, pieces of cloth or some specially designed material that can absorb the excess cold while trapping heat at the same time. You certainly would want to keep as warm as can be. Such an insulation pad enables you to achieve this feat by minimizing heat loss and keeping off extra cold.

Do not forget a Multipurpose Liner

The insulation pad can only go that far in keeping you warm. This is why you have to supplement it using a multipurpose liner. This is a small sheet of fabric that takes the shape of your body when you get into it. It offers added insulation against the common elements of weather such as cold and sleet. Given that it takes the shape of your body, you will experience minimal to no inconveniences while turning from side to side.

Use a Pillow for added Protection

Your head region should never be left out either. You must make appropriate arrangements to take care of them. Acquire a nice, soft, and warm pillow for the job. Be sure that the pillow is large enough to cover the entire head region. You do not want to leave out any portion to the elements of wind and extremely cold weather. Supplement the pillow using a marvin or a cap for maximum warmth and protection.

Fix the Hammock in a Less Windy Spot

Choose a less windy spot for the sake of installing the hammock. The logic underlying this is pretty simple. When winds sway the hammock back and forth, they weaken the joints, knots, and fabrics that constitute the hammock. This leads to a deterioration of the lifespan of the hammock as a whole. It also predisposes you to the risks of falling off the hammock. Avoid open areas as they are more prone to the risks of wind.

Make use of Tarp to Trap Warmth

Apart from the insulation pads and the sleeping bag pods, the tarpaulins also pay a crucial role in enhancing your comfort during such an undertaking. They are thick and waterproof. They therefore channel away water from the hammock. When this happens, they make it impossible for the water to sink into your body and clothes. You should therefore carry them along with you. Do this especially when the weather is rainy, snowy, or drizzling.

Utilize only a Mummy-styled Sleeping Bag

Do not just sleep on the hammock bed directly. You should get into a sleeping bag first and foremost before lying on the hammock bed. Not any sleeping bag might do the job. To beat excess cold perfectly, you by all means require a mummy-styled sleeping bag. Such bags are warm and large enough. They trap in as much heat as possible to guarantee you this. Being spacious, they prevent suffocation and allow for easy tossing back and forth.

Make use of Sleeping Bag Pad

A sleeping bag pod is pretty much the same as the ordinary sleeping bag. The only difference is the role they are designed and intended to play. The sleeping bag pod surrounds your hammock completely while the ordinary sleeping bag surrounds you only. In light of this, the sleeping bag pod offers an extra layer of protection against the harsh environmental weather elements. This will definitely keep you warmer than you would ordinarily have been without it.

Light some Camp Fire

You can never dream of beating cold while camping without the use of camp fire. While preparing to carry out a hammock camping, you should bear this in mind as well. Find a source of fire that is resistant to harsh winds, extremely poor weather yet produce extremely hot flames. The source of fire has to also be easier to light for the sake of convenience. A portable source of clean energy like stove or cooking gas is strongly recommended.

Drink some Hot Beverage

Hot beverage comes in handy at such times. Other than the camp fire, the hot beverage provides yet another line of defense against cold weather. It furnishes the body with extra heat and prevents shivering alongside other health problems. The choice of the right beverage depends on you. Some campers like tea, others coffee, yet others may prefer milk. Carry a hot thermos flask with you to preserve the beverage and maintain the desired temperature at all times.

Beware of the Extremes

Each person has his own tolerance limit. In this context, each person has a limit of the amount of cold he might possibly endure comfortably. Get to identify and know this limit. It will help you in determining how long or under what circumstances you might have to quit the camp. Staying too out in the cold may jeopardize you to the risks of hypothermia and frost bites. These might even lead to premature death when not mitigated in time.

Carry some Underquilt

Under quilts are those gears which you carry for emergency purposes. They are basically the same pieces of equipment and gears you use on an ordinary basis. However, you keep them with you for the sake of responding to extraordinary circumstances only. They are necessary as emergency situations are naturally bound to arise while camping. Do not forget to bring them along with you also.

Final Verdict

You may already have realized that preparing for hammock camping in cold weather is no joke. This is mainly due to the fact that you have to acquire and incorporate several pieces of equipment. These equipment cost money. They are also demand a great deal of technical expertise to install and utilize. These are why we urge you to bring in an expert to help you out. All the best as you prepare for your upcoming hammock outdoor camping.

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