Coleman Hooligan Tent Review Of 2020

Camping is a thrilling experience when you have all that you require with you. One of the essential items that you need is a tent and a good one for that case. It doesn't have to be necessarily expensive to be a good tent. In this review, we'll look at the Coleman Hooligan Tent, which is one of the first choice camping tents for people looking to having an incredible time away from home. The tents are fast selling, and this is a testimony to its usefulness in camping as well as other outdoor purposes. Therefore, read along to understand why this particular tent stands out as one of the most popular brands.

Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent review

Feature of The Coleman Hooligan Tent  ​

​To understand more about this tent, it is imperative to look at the various features that make it unique from competitors. Some of its features include the following:

Protection from rain

Great ​Weather ​Protection

The cardinal aim of a tent is to keep its occupants safe from the hostile weather, and this particular is incredible in fulfilling that objective. The ​coleman ​hooligan ​tent is made up of a waterproof material that ensures that you are dry at all the time when you are in the tent. What makes this possible is the patented WeatherTec system that enables the tent to rain all the water that lands on its surface at a swift pace, thus making it resistant. This feature separates the tent from many other brands that do not have a specific added property that is meant to enhance its resistance to water.

Another property that enhances the tent's water resistance capabilities is the design of the inverted seams. With the needle holes placed on the inner surface rather than on the exterior as it is the case with some other tent brands, the coleman ​hooligan ​tent allows no water to get into the inside.

The fabric of the tent is also imperative in ensuring water resistance. This brand employs the weather-resistant zipper cuff fabric that is superior in offering protection from harsh weather. Additionally, its floor features no needle hole, and this is useful in preventing entry on surface runoff into the tent. Moreover, the tent also comes with a rainfly cover that further enhances protection from rainfall. All the features mentioned above make this tent unique, and it has stood the test of time regarding offering protection from moisture, even in areas that experience heavy rains.

Resistance To The ​Wind

The Coleman ​tent is also designed perfectly to ensure that it offers you protection even against the windiest conditions. Primarily, it features a sturdy frame that ensures that it remains firm even under the strongest winds. Additionally, the tent also designed to ensure that it allows wind to pass over it perfectly. Therefore instead of acting as a barrier, it directs the force away and thus enhancing stability.

Resistance ​From Direct ​Sunlight

​While out in the sun, you can crawl into the tent to take some rest in the cool environment that exists in the interior. It is designed to reflect away sunlight and thus ensures that the temperature inside is maintained at low levels during extremely sunny weather.

Secure Pin-And-Ring System

Having a ​family set tent is the wish of anyone out camping, and this brand just offers you that. Featuring a safe pin and ring system, the canvas is designed to ensure that it seamlessly fits on the designated area, and thus, it is not easy to be carried off by wind and water. 

​However, you need to ensure that you secure it firmly on the ground, and this is possible when you carefully select the perfect spot. The tent should be placed on a flat surface that allows easy assembly of the pin and ring parts. The canvas is not a freestanding type like many popular brands, and this makes it more firm once firmly secured to the ground.

​Easy To Carry

​The ​coleman ​hooligan ​tent is also portable, making it easy to carry wherever you want to camp. The tent package consists of a carry bag into which the tent can be placed after folding. You can easily carry it in your backpack without it occupying massive space as it is relatively small when folded. The pins and mounting frames are also easy to carry as all you need to do is disassemble the structure and load the parts in your traveling car with absolute ease. Weighing approximately 12 pounds, it shouldn't be a burden during traveling as this is a weight that you can comfortably shoulder on your back.

Available in a variety of sizes

The backpacking tent consists of various sizes meaning that you can choose one that fits your preferences. What's incredible about this tent is that whatever size that you choose, it will be large enough to accommodate the number of the designated individuals perfectly.

​Therefore, your comfort even while away from home is assured while using the coleman ​hooligan ​tent. The small sized tents are the lightest, and this changes depending as the size increases. Therefore when planning to use a tent with other people, it is imperative to have means of carrying large canvases to the camping area.

What we like

  • ​Made up of 480mm thick polyester, ensuring that it doesn't sag even when it's wet.
  • It is lightweight and thus easy to carry during camping expeditions.
  • It is also easy to disassemble, and this enables easy packing during traveling.
  • It's highly resistant to all sorts of weather conditions.
  • Rainfly Included.
  • ​Also Include​d convenient flashlight loop on the ceiling.

What we like

  • ​​Ventilation inside the tent, especially during damp weather, is an issue, especially for the small-sized tents. This is largely because the tent perfectly fits on the spot, and there's little space for free air circulation other than through the entrance.

​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do I need to buy other staking equipment after purchasing the tent?

A: You do not require any additional staking equipment as this the tent comes accompanied with all the requisite accompaniments.

Q: Is the tent fit for use during all weather conditions?

A: Yes. The tent is designed to ensure that it serves you in all sorts of weather conditions.

Q: Can I use a mattress while inside this tent?

A: Absolutely. The tent is large enough to accommodate a mattress, and thus you can enjoy good night's sleep on a comfortable group while out camping.

Final Verdict

​While choosing a camping tent, the ​coleman ​hooligan backpacking ​tent should be top of your list, especially if you intend to use it solely or with your partner. It will get you covered across all types of weather, ensuring that your stay out in the field during camping is enjoyable. All that you need is to select a favorable camping location that is even, and you can quickly assemble your tent while requiring minimal equipment. It is also cheap when compared to other brands, and this means that you don't have to dig too deep into your pockets to own this incredible camping item.

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