Different Types of Backpack : The Ultimate Guide

A backpack is a bag that is typically carried on the back, secured by shoulder straps. A backpack is used to carry a variety of contents including books, personal items, clothing, traveling and sports equipment.

1. Hiking Backpack


A hiking backpack is a bag that is specifically designed for carrying equipment and provisions for hiking excursions and outdoor preparedness. Typical items carried in a hiking backpack include clothing, sleeping bags, food provisions, camping equipment, and personal items. Some of the larger hiking backpacks have special hooks and straps for carrying a tent or other camping related items externally. Some hiking backpacks include an internal frame that increases their space and helps to distribute the weight more evenly.

2. Climbing Backpack


As their name suggest, they are used while climbing hills or negotiating difficult terrains. They are by far the lightest of all the backpacks in vogue today.

3. Cycling Backpack


Cycling backpacks are used for enhancing the cycling of bikes. They contain storage chambers for carrying some load and several compartments which hold the gears in place.

4. Hydration Backpack


While in hot regions, we lose plenty of body moisture. The hydration backpacks are designed to mitigate these. They store water bottles and are also properly ventilated to minimize the loss of moisture from the body.

5. Travel Backpack


Travel backpacks are designed for people who need to carry their clothing and other personal items with them. They are made with a large area and several zippered pockets to organize smaller, medium-sized and larger personal items. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

6. Backpacking Backpacks


Backpacking backpacks are specially designed packs that you carry on your back. Most come with shoulder straps and are made with special compartments for storing camping gear and personal items.

7. Wheeled Backpacks


A Wheeled Backpack comes with a special built-in frame that has wheels.They're ideal for use at an airport or full pulling across pavement or solid ground.

8. Snow sports Backpack


Snowsports Backpacks are made to be water resistant. They are specially treated with a water-resistant coating such as polyurethane. They are intended to be used when participating in snow sports such as skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, and other similar activities.

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