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Best Hiking Backpack Under $100 Review & Buying Guide

​There are many different brands and types of hiking backpacks available. They come in a range of sizes, styles and with varying features. What determines the best backpack for hiking is the one that meets your individual needs the closest. We’ve reviewed twelve of the top-rated backpacks that are recommended by hikers for hikers. Here […]

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Best Backpack Rain Covers Review & Buying Guide

When you are backpacking or hiking, your backpack is one of your most important pieces of gear. It is this which you will use to carry everything else you need for your adventures. Backpacks are generally sturdy and durable pieces of gear that have some level of water-resistance, so they are suitable for taking with […]

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Best Hiking Watch Under 100 Buying Guide

The right hiking watch should come with a broad range of technological and physical features including a GPS, weather prediction, a strong carcass and a comfortable design.However, not all watches offer these features, and some of the cheapest ones may not even fit half of what’s needed for a good hiking watch.When looking for the best […]

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