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Sawyer MINI Water Filter Review OF 2020

​The sawyer ​MINI water filtration system uses a hollow tube technology and is used in the removal protozoa, cyst and bacteria from water. ​​This ​water ​filter will make sure that you can access clean water anywhere on earth. It is an incredible filtration system, and its performance is incredible.​Furthermore, this filtration system features a light […]

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Kodiak Canvas Tent Review OF 2020

​Kodiak Canvas tents are some of the best tents that you can buy for the money. The canvas that is used in their construction gives them superior strength and durability for years of reliable service and protection from the elements. We’ve chosen the three top models to highlight to give you a choice of a […]

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LifeStraw Personal Water Filter Review

The LifeStraw personal water filter is a small, portable, durable and of course lightweight device that the user hangs around their neck to provide them with drinkable filtered water. It’s relatively inexpensive thus very affordable for anyone that may want to purchase it. The LifeStraw is mainly used by hikers or people on adventures. It allows […]

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ENO Doublenest Hammock Review In 2020

Eno Doublenest hammock is indeed the ideal for campers and hikers. Designed with the finest materials, the hammock could withstand all difficulties it is subjected to. Because of the spacious design, it can comfortably accommodate one person or a couple who wants the best of outdoor relaxation. This product is user friendly, and it remains […]

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Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Review in 2020

If you are looking for superior quality camping tool like a knife, you can always consider Bear Grylls Knife Ultimate Pro. This is a full tang knife. This implies that the whole length of the knife is steel. Because of that, this knife is always rated as the strongest of its kind on the market. […]

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